Aims & Scope

This annual conference covers academic works in the fields of Islamic studies. Every year the theme changes depending on trending issue and world academic discourse in the field. For the XIX AICIS 2019, the conference is aimed at investigating the intersection between digital Islam, youth and education. The importance of education lies in its capacity both to produce and transmit knowledge and to impart norms and values to targeted audiences. It is also a field where everyday lives of Muslims are entangled with the normative understandings of Islam in multiple ways. At the heart of this process lies a variety of Islamic education institutions, inclufeding pesantrens, madrasas, Islamic colleges and universities, as well as non-formal learning institutions which have existed in Indonesia for centuries. It is of interest therefore to explore the positive and pluralistic nature of Islamic education in Indonesia, with its readiness to integrate religious knowledge with secular knowledge and to show the compatibility of modern learning and professions with the most profound Islamic values. Through Islamic education a sense of attachment to Islam and global modernity is no doubt built. This attachment enables youth to develop a new discourse of reflexive subjectivity and frame their aspiration and activism.

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